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What do you mean by Casting Organizer?

Anyone who needs professional models for communication projects in fashion or creative industries is considered a Casting Organizer in ICAST. Communication agencies, Casting Directors, Producers, Brands, Marketing managers, Stylists, Photographers, Magazines, Desginers, E-commerce Specialists, Showrooms, etc... Anyone makes casting (a part of) his/her job. ICAST is just the service (like Google Drive or Dropbox), we are not organizers.

What do you mean by Modeling Agencies?

In ICAST you can find only Modeling Agencies. ICAST only accept agencies and bookers that represent professional models. In ICAST you can not find feelance models neither children or hostess/steward agencies. ICAST believes in Agencies representing models, in their role. ICAST does not represent models, and never will.

Is ICAST for me?

ICAST is for anyone who wants manage the casting process in an easier way rather, wants adopt a new instrument to organize all the informtion that does not change the relationship with bookers or affect the quality of the job, on the contrary, that could make it better - reducing time wasting and stress.

You are the Casting Organizer


Fill in your casting brief, write in budget and select the bookers of the agencies you want to invite, no email needed

You are the Casting Organizer


For the first time, receive all the packs from the agencies in a unique interface, look at the book and make your pre-selection

You are the Casting Organizer


Manage and archive your castings, both physical and online, without losing informatiion, and say goodbye to folders

Save 100% of paper

Reduce 25% of stress

Free up 70% of your time

Save up to 30% of costs

Manage 50% more projects

Save 100% of paper

Reduce 25% of stress

Free up 70% of your time

Save up to 30% of costs

Manage 50% more projects

They chose us.

You choose from them.


Be like them.

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We have amazing partners.

We innovate the casting process with the world leaders in fashion, technology, eco-sustainability and education.

To be green is a life choice!

The best ICAST advantage is
to connect everyone who works
in the fashion industry!

Patrizia Wassermann
I LOVE Models Management

The most important resource is time.
This is why ICAST wins!
New, fast, safe.

Isabella Bernardi Wegher

Today digital and innovation
should be everywhere!
Thanks to ICAST!

Magda Battistella
CBI - Camera Buyer Italia