How it works for casting organizer

Can I organize physical casting or just online casting on ICAST?

On ICAST you can organize both casting types with physical audition and 100% online casting. You choose what kind of casting you want to organize and manage everything on ICAST according to the type you selected.

Which Agencies do I find on ICAST?

You can invite in ICAST only Agencies in Milan you are pleased to collaborate with. All the Agencies on ICAST have been invited by professionals like you, and you can find them on the homepage.

Can I decide which Agencies and Bookers I would like to invite to my Casting?

Certainly, like you're used to. ICAST lets you select the Agencies and Bookers you prefer to invite to your casting.

How do I invite Agencies to my casting?

By selecting the Agencies you want to invite to your casting, you’re sending them all the information about your project, with just a click.

How soon do I receive the proposals from the Agencies?

Agencies have to send all their proposals within a deadline that you decide. When you’re launching your casting, you choose by when all the Bookers have to answer with the proposals.

Can I organize a casting for any type of project?

On ICAST you can select the type of project you want to organize, from fitting to fashion shows.

How do I know Agencies have sent me any pack?

You receive an email every time an Agency sends you a pack of proposals on ICAST. From the email you can log in your back office: you can consult and compare books and filter the proposals that are divided by Agency.

Can I have the polaroids (natural photos) of the models on ICAST?

Yes, even on ICAST you can receive both the books and the polaroids. We recommend you to ask the Bookers for the polaroids when you’re launching the casting.

Can I change or update the information entered in the brief after launching the casting?

Yes, you can change the information as many times as you want and the system will notify all the Bookers in real time.
You can see the history of your changes anytime.

What is the difference between Physical Casting and Direct Booking on ICAST?

By organizing a Physical Casting with ICAST you decide to pre-select the proposals of the Agencies in order to invite to the physical audition only the talents that you really want to see. During the physical casting you can write personal notes and check the attendances, always on ICAST.
By organizing a Direct Booking you make your selection 100% online, you don’t see any talent at the physical casting, but you can always take notes as well.

How do I tell the Agencies who I want to see at the physical casting?

During the pre-selection you can click YES or NO in the “model card” to invite models to the physical casting. The system automatically updates in real time the Agencies of your choices and they know the models they have to send to your physical casting.

What happens if I don't have a reference Booker in an Agency?

Your request is handled by the Head of Booking of the Agency you have invited, who decides to respond to you directly or to assign your casting to another Booker. You’ll be notified about the professional assigned to your casting.
ICAST aims to create new professional relations.

How it works for modeling agencies

How do I upload models to ICAST? Can I synchronize it with my management software?

Yes, you can. ICAST is already a partner of NETWALK, but synchronization can take place with any management system. Synchronizing your internal management software allows you to upload your models just with one click.

Have I to change the way I usually work?

Of course not. ICAST does not change your way of working. It simply organizes all the clients’ requests in a unique interface and ensures that any information won’t be lost.

Am I obliged to accept and join all the casting requests?

Sure not! The Client decides which Agencies invite to the casting, but you can decide to accept or decline the casting request. Once you join the request, it is always up to you to decide whoever of your models fits for the project.

How does the client pay for the models?

The payment of the models won’t take place in ICAST: you manage contracts, confirmations and options privately with the client.

Should I create an ICAST account for all my Bookers?

No, it’s not necessary. If you’re the one who creates the account of your Agency, you become the Head of Booking, but it’s up to you creating the ICAST account for all the Bookers.

Is a period of training necessary? How long does it take?

We explain all the features in a brief call, before starting using ICAST, but, don’t worry, training and assistance are always guaranteed, and you can ask for a manual, tutorials or support by the team anytime you need.

If I use ICAST, how does the relationship with the client change?

It does not change and you can create new ones! Our goal is to help you in managing the process without changing the relationship of trust you have with your Clients.

Do I infringe any right of representation by sending packs with ICAST?

Absolutely not, ICAST is just an intermediator. Only Agencies, as always, detain all the rights of the models and ICAST will never share private details of your models to third parties..

How can I communicate additional information about models to the customer?

With ICAST you can send notes for each model you propose, by writing them on their cards. And you can edit the note anytime, the system updates in real time the Customer.

Can I submit proposals only once?

No, you can send more packs of proposals for the same casting within the time established by the Client.

How long can I send proposals to the client?

The deadline is set by the Customer. A countdown for each casting always shows you the time left.

How much does ICAST cost to me?

ICAST is free for you and all the Bookers of the Agency.

Signing Up

How do I register on ICAST?

By clicking on SIGN UP on the home page. You have to indicate whether you are a Casting Organizer or a Modeling Agency, fill in the required data and wait for our authentication. We will contact you to guide you during the first visit to your personal back office.

Is it enough to apply for registration to enter ICAST?

No, as, in order to protect our community of subscribers, each subscription request must be examined by the ICAST team.

Can I try ICAST before signing up?

If you are a Casting Organizer, you can ask for a free trial with no obligation to purchase by selecting the FREE plan and making a registration request here. For more information have a look on the pricing. If you are a Modeling Agency, contact us to request a simulation, ICAST is FREE for you.

How do I join ICAST?

You join ICAST in two ways:
- invitation from a member of the community;
- direct contact with the ICAST team.
The acceptance process requires a call or a meeting to better understand your needs.

Should I install or download ICAST?

No, ICAST is a web-app, you can use it from your web browser. You will work on your personal computer, directly on the web.
Don't worry, we'll help you understand all the platform's features.

If I am a freelance model, can I join ICAST?

No, ICAST is not an agency and does not represent any model.


Can I try ICAST before paying?

Yes, you can try ICAST by selecting the BASIC plan with one casting per month for free. Any obligation to purchase will be requested.
The BASIC plan is useful also in periods when you don’t have castings to organize.

Can I change plans whenever I want?

Yes, you can choose the plan you want depending on the number of castings scheduled for the month.

Can I downgrade from a paid plan to a free plan when I don't have a casting?

Yes, switching from one plan to another is always possible and it is the best solution for not paying for the service in the months when there is no casting to organize or to try out the service.

How long does the free trial last?

The free trial consists of activating the BASIC plan and organizing a casting. As long as you have selected the BASIC plan, you can always organize a casting per month without paying anything. You will pay only if you upgrade to paid plans.

What does "casting" mean?

"Casting" means a single casting you launch and manage to look for a man or a woman: one casting per gendre. The number of models selected at the end of the casting is not influential.

Does the payment renew automatically?

Yes, but you can always downgrade or upgrade your plan. You can choose the best plan for you depending on how many castings you have scheduled.

Is the budget of the models included in the price of the plans?

No, you can choose the budget for modeling when you fill the casting brief. The budget is net of the fee: usually a 20% fee for the Agency will be added.

If the castings of the month run out, can I still access ICAST?

Yes, you can always access ICAST and do everything you need without losing any information but you will not be able to launch new castings. If you urgently need to launch a casting you can easily upgrade your plan whenever you want.

How much does ICAST cost for the Modeling Agencies?

ICAST is always free for the Modeling Agencies.